Myth vs fact
Click on any of the MYTHS put forth by the $2,000,000,000,000 HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY to reveal the TRUE FACTS

A MYTH is a popular belief or tradition built up around something. Myths are created over time by the use of power, money, and influence to constantly reinforce a belief, regardless of its truth. Many times, examining the TRUE FACTS behind a myth reveals the myth to be FALSE. As you read these myths related to the Health Care Industry, think about how many times you have heard a commentator re-telling these myths, or read a story that reinforces each myth.

  • HEALTH CARE in our country has become an INDUSTRY. Like any industry, lawsuits promote safe practices within that industry. Unfortunately, WHEN SOMETHING GOES WRONG in this industry, PEOPLE ARE INJURED OR KILLED
  • The HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY is very POWERFUL, collecting over $2,000,000,000,000( TWO TRILLION DOLLARS ) of $14 Trillion dollars generated in the entire US economy.
  • The HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY has used its ENORMOUS POWER to CREATE an ARRAY OF MYTHS for its own protection.
  • Some of these MYTHS are listed here. Click on any MYTH to see the TRUE FACTS that DISPEL EACH MYTH.