Even the most minor surgery has risks. What we expect from our surgeons and the hospital personnel is that they take all the careful precautions to avoid these risks. Surgery is a highly compensated field of medicine. Unfortunately, sometimes patients are rushed to surgery before they are ready; surgeons fail to take careful precautions to avoid complications; or signs of a post operative problem are neglected causing injury and/or death to the patient. If you or a loved one has had a problem related to surgery, call us.

D&M attorneys have successfully resolved and tried Surgical Negligence Cases

Surgeons and operating room personnel should make careful choices during surgery
  • Sometimes, Surgeons fail to take precautions to avoid complications
  • Sometimes, Surgeons make poor choices
  • Sometimes, doctors improperly clear patients for surgery
  • Sometimes, operating room nurses leave things behind
  • Sometimes, Anesthesiologists are not careful
D&M can finance and prosecute your case
  • If D&M believes a case of intensive care negligence occurred, we will finance and prosecute your case with no cost to you unless there is a successful outcome