Our central nervous system is an intricate web that allows us to feel and move. When we have a problem with our brain, spine, or nervous system, we expect that the health care professionals will proceed with the utmost care, knowing the consequences of a mistake can be permanent and devastating. Unfortunately, there are times that radiology is misread; surgeries are rushed; care is not taken; and the patient is permanently injured and left to fend for themselves with a now crippled body. If you or a loved one has suffered permanent neurologic injury as a result of care, please call us.

D&M attorneys have successfully participated in cases that have successfully resolved and been tried involving paralysis following spinal surgery

Spinal Surgery requires the utmost care
  • Sometimes, doctors fail to take adequate precautions to avoid paralysis
  • Sometimes, surgeons go to surgery too quickly and sometimes surgeons wait too long
  • Sometimes, operating room personnel improperly monitor patients causing paralysis
  • Sometimes, hospitals fail to have the appropriate intra operative monitoring during surgery

D&M attorneys have successfully resolved cases involving brain and neurologic injury

The Brain and our Nervous Systems require the utmost care
  • Sometimes, Brain or Neurologic diseases are delayed in their diagnosis
  • Sometimes, Surgeons fail to take appropriate precautions during surgery
  • Sometimes, Neuroradiologists fail to be careful during procedures
D&M can finance and prosecute your case
  • If D&M believes gastrointestinal negligence occurred, we will finance and prosecute your case with no cost to you unless there is a successful outcome