Physician Care

Many times we focus on acute health situations that put us in the hospital. The reality is that much of our health care occurs outside the hospital settings with our primary care physician or a specialist. Unfortunately, with the press of business, these offices sometimes miss important details or fail to inform us of test results or fail to recommend the appropriate tests at the approriate times which can lead to injury and/or death of the patient. If you or a loved one have had a problem with your physician's care, call us.

D&M attorneys have successfully resolved and tried cases involving the premature discharge of clients from the hospital

Our Health and Safety must always trump the push for discharge from insurance companies
  • Sometimes, doctors donít pay enough attention to their patients following surgery and prior to discharge
  • Sometimes, money (or lack of it) dictates premature discharge
D&M can finance and prosecute your case
  • If D&M believes gastrointestinal negligence occurred, we will finance and prosecute your case with no cost to you unless there is a successful outcome