Emergency Room

The Emergency Room has been referred to as the gateway to the hospital. We expect that professionals within the emergency room will treat our problems with the level of care required. Unfortunately, emergencies are not diagnosed and treated emergently and sometimes patients are misdiagnosed and sent home, causing injury and/or death to the patient. If you or a loved one has received improper emergency room treatment, call us.

D&M attorneys have successfully resolved and tried cases involving Emergency Room Negligence

Emergency Room personnel should treat patients like it is an Emergency
  • Sometimes, Patients die waiting to get in
  • Sometimes, Patients die waiting for treatment
  • Sometimes, Patients are improperly sent home
  • Sometimes, the emergency room diagnosis puts the providers on the wrong track
D&M can finance and prosecute your case
  • If D&M believes a case of emergency room negligence occurred, we will finance and prosecute your case with no cost to you unless there is a successful outcome