Cancer is a deadly disease. Some forms of cancer are curable and some forms are not. Even in the curable forms of cancer, some stages of the cancer are not curable. The care and treatment of cancer is a highly compensated field within the health care industry. Unfortunately, through the rush of business, sometimes the diagnosis of cancer is missed, improperly delayed, or improperly treated. If any of these have happened to you, call us.

D&M has successfully resolved and tried cases for the misdiagnosis of cancer

Cancer is perhaps the most frightening word a patient can hear
  • Sometimes, doctors delay the diagnosis of a patient's cancer
  • Sometimes, radiologists misread films that cause a delay in the diagnosis of cancer
  • Sometimes, doctors or hospitals fail to communicate test results that delay the diagnosis of cancer
Causation is a critical element of Cancer Negligence
  • You must prove that but for the negligence, the odds of survival would have been greater than 50%.
  • The Type of Cancer can make a difference
    • Some Cancers do not have a 5 year survival rate greater than 50%, regardless of the stage of diagnosis
  • The Stage of Cancer Can make a difference
    • Sometimes, the delay was not long enough to prove that an earlier diagnosis would have resulted in an earlier stage that had a greater than 50% survival rate.
D&M can finance and prosecute your case
  • If D&M believes a case of cardiac negligence occurred, we will finance and prosecute your case with no cost to you unless there is a successful outcome