Djordjevic & Marmaros

D&M came together at the end of 2005 when two extremely successful lawyers created one firm. Michael Djordjevic spent the early part of his career defending physicians for the firm of Jacobsen, Maynard, Tuschman and Kalur before leaving to pursue a successful solo career on behalf of Plaintiffs. Peter Marmaros also began his career defending hospitals and physicians at the firm of Reminger & Reminger where he obtained a great deal of trial experience which he utilized when he left to begin representing Plaintiffs.

Fate brought these lawyers together in 2005, as Pete's former partner retired; and Mike was contemplating his future as a solo practioner. By combining the talents of these two already successful lawyers; D&M found that it was in the unique position of having more depth in the field of medical negligence than just about any other law firm in the state and the subsequent results have proven this to be true. The firm has been consulted in cases all over the State of Ohio and in numerous other states. The firm has compiled a record of successful resolution and successful trials that has brought over $80,000,000 to our clients in our short history.